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  • Build a Baldwin 8-16-D 2-6-0
  • Build a Mason Bogie
  • ...and many others....
I hope you will find these web pages interesting and useful for ideas. It is not my style to drag out the past as much as this, but frankly there are things in those old models that might be useful to modern day builders, and also inspire younger people to try. It's often been said that the Masterclass is popular becuase of the really basic modelling techniques used, there is no sophistocation to it at all, hardly any tools for that matter, and I still don't actually have a work bench. The reason for this simplicity is because the bulk of the concepts used in the class I developed when I was a kid, just trying to pull a model together with little resources and limited skill. I do the same today, just with a bit more precision is all.

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