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What else can a Grandpa say except that Ryanne, is a well, a cutie and has the personality to match. This is a unbiased opinion of course!

18 mo. old Ryanne checking to make sure the engineer is in the engine.
She is in 11th grade, enjoys school, is an honor roll student, working on the railroad and running the trains in the front yard, she started running the trains by herself at age 1 1/2, her favorite car then was the LGB bubble blowing car, she started inside the house on a loop with track power but only when an adult was there, it took her probably 3 or 4 months before she really had an idea what she was doing, in the beginning sometimes I had to turn the momentum feature on if she got a little wild, and there was only one time I had problem and that was the time her older cousins showed her how to put people on the track and run into them and I quickly put a stop to that! but at about 2 1/2 she was good enough at it I bought her a little LGB 0-4-0 glued "Winnie the Pooh" in it for a engineer coupled a couple of Bachmann circus animal cars behind it (she actually likes to run trains slow) and let her run the train by herself, she would go in there, turns the power on, run her train, when she was done she'd park the train on the back of the loop and turns the power off!! Well most of the time. [8-)
Now on the outside railroad she run's the trains with me, and she likes to run the Climax or the little 2-6-0 because she likes to blow the whistle and ring the bell, in the beginning she had trouble with the stiff buttons on the old style RCS remote because of her arthritis , she did not have enough strength in her fingers to push the two buttons at the same time to blow the whistle or ring the bell, but those new "clicky" buttons that RCS has introduced and Tony Walsham owner of RCS-remote control did a retrofit for her, with those new style buttons now they are much easier for her to push. Thank you Tony!!!!

Her grandmother and I enjoy helping raise her....